World of e-Business

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White Papers

We have chosen some key research articles published by independent organizations. These articles describe the network based customer revolution that is happening in our world today. We hope they will stimulate your thinking, and encourage you to dream the new possibilities of expanding your business, transforming it into an e-business - a business without boundaries.

  • How Comprehensive Is Your Measurement System? The stock market's wild and dizzying ride is stressing financial planners, corporate executives, and investors alike. They're all wondering how to measure the true value of a company. Find out how, in this article from the Patricia Seybold Group.
  • Imagining the Future Accenture Technology Labs researches emerging technologies to help its clients envision and leverage the wealth of new business opportunities generated by the electronic economy.
  • The Source of Value in the E-Economy: Interactive Relationships The most valuable asset in the e-economy is the lifetime value of your customers. Make sure you?re collecting the right information about them. Another article from the Patricia Seybold Group
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