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Girdhar Arora and my family teamed up in 2001. We were his first clients when he founded Epsilonium. He created our US Criminal Agency Web site, a criminal background search service, and has overseen it for nearly 15 years.

USCRA is dedicated to a family friend whose 16 year-old-daughter was murdered in 2000. The father was on the board of a bank I was helping start in Washington State. Their daughter lost her life because a careless and uninformed relationship brought the killer to live in their home. The family and their businesses were devastated.

Had a background search been performed the parents would have learned that the murderer had 19 criminal charges filed against him during the previous 6 years in Oregon and 19 in Washington State. Offenders move from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

We can only guess how many lives information from our site has saved. It is used across America by Federal Housing Authorities and apartment owners and managers before they rent; many businesses before they hire; and individuals before they date.

We started USCRA as a public service.

Thanks Girdhar and staff!

Your friend,
Ernie Garfield
Chairman, Interstate Bank Developers, Inc.

(Former Arizona State Senator, Arizona State Treasurer and Arizona Corporation Commissioner)