Private Cloud Hosting


Private Cloud Hosting

Maintaining physical servers can cost quite a fortune in the long run especially if yours is not that big an organization. Moreover hosting websites and applications on physical servers can be cumbersome and unreliable at times. Epsilonium provides amazing private cloud hosting services to host your websites, applications and files on virtual servers that provide you competitive advantage through zippy and steadfast solutions on the cloud.

  • Private, fast and safe
  • Regular technology upgrades
  • Low Investment
  • Custom environments for different businesses
  • Experienced experts working for you
  • Deploy your private cloud anywhere – anytime
  • Quicker results
  • Content storage on the cloud
  • Website Hosting
  • Online Apps
  • Cloud Email service
Why Epsilonium?

Over the years, Epsilonium has developed a work culture where proficient designers, developers and engineers strive to deliver what we commit and exceed your expectations each time.

Low Investment - Using our private cloud services are cost effective as you spare the costs of investing in and maintaining the necessary infrastructure. We use brilliant hardware resources clubbed with optimized software to give your cloud products a secure and stable environment to develop along with a noticeable performance boost.

Flexibility - We even give you the convenience of using your own data centers to deploy your private cloud developed and managed by us. Our services are fast and reliable and give you the flexibility to use the configurations that suit your purpose the best.

Secure & Convenient - We guarantee you the convenience and ease of a public cloud with the security and privacy of a private cloud so that you may use it for confidential purposes too. We offer server monitoring solutions to check the speed and load of the virtual servers. Our management tools enable you to take the complete advantage of our high performance servers.

Our superb services & technical support makes our clients feel they’re on Cloud 9.